Divide the time in the Maya World and the Real World

We certainly have often heard and seen, how the world of technology growing so fast. Almost every aspect of life, we can feel its interference range of tech gadgets which in turn influences life. The presence of technology in the world of work, education and play, is one of the facts that we have experienced a shift in culture.

We would often see how many restaurants, cafes and other eating places in different places, have relied on technology. Computerized financial system that is already widely used by various companies, but using an Apple iPad as an order taker? Sounded as a novelty, but you will soon see it in almost all the great eateries.

With the growing pervasiveness of technology, we as human beings must eventually balance themselves so as not to fall into the virtual world and in the end make us disappear in the physical world. Parents often provide restrictions or even a ban on playing video games for their children. They would rather see the baby playing outdoors and physical activity.

If we see more detail again, in fact there is nothing wrong with it just now. Technology is one thing that must evolve, as closely related to the development of human civilization. One problem that became quite crucial is how we can maintain balance while interacting in the virtual world and the real world. Sounds trivial, but it has become an issue that is so important in our lives today. Continue reading “Divide the time in the Maya World and the Real World”

Adjusting Spatial with Personality

Did you know, if it can keep house based on the type of personality? KEIZA Amorani in his book, Fresh Ideas Organizing house, as quoted from kompas.com, described four types of personalities that we can make a guide to choosing furniture, wall color, interior accessories, to the layout of the house.

Divided into four personality types, here’s a guide:

Sanguine cheerful

This type is synonymous with everything that is cheerful by nature extrovert, friendly, dynamic, active, and likes to experiment. Replace and change the decor of the house according to your mood or trend could be one of his hobbies.

This type is very fond of activities and hanging out with friends and relatives. If you are of this type, choose the type of open house with living space without insulation and 2-3 colors as the primary colors for walls and floors. Choose furniture and upholstery nuanced country or retro. Get more choice with a mix of various styles. Continue reading “Adjusting Spatial with Personality”

Positive Benefits of Bad Behavior

Some of the bad habits we used to do in everyday life it can provide positive benefits to the body. So, what are these bad habits, which can make us even better than before?

Have fun and relax

Based on a research done at the University of Maryland School of Medicine concluded that people who were relaxing and watching comedy movies, indirectly they will dilate blood vessels to over 50 percent. Laughter can trigger unhealthy chemicals that can make us feel better.


Certainly not a good habit to snack if the food we are eating foods that contain dyes, artificial sweeteners, preservatives and flavorings. Therefore, make your own healthy food with healthy ingredients as well. The easiest way to snacking is eating a piece of fruit.
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Habits That Can Trigger Creativity

Later, creativity is needed in many areas undergoing work. Unfortunately, for most people, generate ideas or creativity not appear suddenly, but can also be imposed.

Still, at least there are some habits that you can do to lead to creativity, as reported allwomenstalk, below.

Often read

Reading will introduce you to the new characters and the imagination and get creative inspiration from the book. New book with a new inspirational story will take you to know a new place.

Listening to music

If you want to help your creativity mood, then listen to the music. Through music, one can develop cognitive intelligence .
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Give Attention At Home Renovation

Renovating the house can not be done arbitrarily. Besides expensive, renovations certainly takes a long time. In order not to swell and renovation budget was running smoothly, consider seven things you should note the following, according to the website of The Nest.

Think Ripe
Notice how the lifestyle, needs, desires, goals, level of difficulty, and budget when you are renovating the house. Think of the possibilities that would happen, for example if you need to put the kitchen in front of the garage, if the ladder is safe for children, and so on. You can consult with an expert interior, a friend or relative who knows a lot about the arrangement of the house.

Make a file that contains the design dream house. Both clipping sample pictures or any kind to help inspire you in renovating the house. The way you describe it makes it wishes with an interior designer or architect. Record meetings and advice from them, and do not forget to factor in the costs to be incurred. Organizing each plan will save time, money, and keep you from stress.
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Including Internet Addiction Mental Disorders

Internet is one of the technological developments that provide enormous benefits for life. The reason is quite simple: we can easily find a variety of information that we need on the internet. However, the Internet still holds the potential that could interfere with our lives. One is, “Internet addiction”.

As quoted from the pages of the Herald Sun, the technology enthusiast who can not escape from the world of the internet would be categorized as one of the mentally ill. The experts stated that in May 2013, internet use disorders will be included in the class IV or DSM Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

Diagnostics include people who are addicted to smarthphone, such as the use of tablets and desktop computers. Scientists Autralia incorporated in Australia Psychological Society convey additional classification of this internet game addiction.

By the experts, addiction is defined as a” mental” should always use this internet game. This phenomenon has swept many countries over the last decade, in which cheap internet access and the increasing number of emerging smartphone.
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Guessing Emotions One Of His body language

Some opinions say that we have really noticed a change in the face in order to know, or at least guess what emotion a person is feeling. Eyebrows were raised, eyes dilated, or certain movements of the mouth, are a few things that could be one of the clues to guess the feelings of one individual.

Opinions just is in fact true, because the movements of the face are often caused by the emotional changes in a small scale. But when it comes to the emotional changes in a large scale, you are no longer able to guess or read someone’s feelings just face it.

A study has recently been released in the journal Science, suggests that large-scale changes in emotion cannot only be seen from the change in the face. We should also pay more attention to the body language of a person to be able to see the emotions he felt. These conclusions were derived from a study carried out by researchers from Princeton, New York University, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
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Shy Kids To Make More Confident

Different children, different character anyway. There is an outgoing, cheerful, aggressive, but some are shy. A child who has a shy nature, it is usually difficult when I had to talk to other children. As a result, they tend to limit the experience and did not dare to take risks, which in the end they will gain confidence in social situations.

To overcome this, the necessary role of the parents. Here are some ways that parents can do to help increase the confidence of a shy child, as summarized from the Circle of Moms,

No judge or judge

“If you always tell people that your child has a shy nature, then automatically your child will feel and believe that he is indeed a shy figure,” said Alison S. Renowned, pediatricians and parenting experts. In expressing the behavior of the child, make the words more neutral and non-judgmental or vote.

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Important Factors Before Buying a House

Having a dream home would have to be one of the greatest hopes for some people. But to be able to have a private home, it is not an easy task. There are various factors that should be considered, especially if you are interested in buying a second-hand home. Besides the price factor, the overall condition of the home should also be considered the most important.

What are the factors that must be taken into consideration for you? Here are six important things you should consider before buying a house, so the house comfortable inhabited, and you do not lose money.


For the tread alias landed house, the roof is the most important factor that must be considered. Note from every angle, whether there are signs of damage to the roof, because the slightest damage will have a major impact in the future. Consider whether there is wood lath roof tiles weathered or damaged. Remember, repair the roof is not cheap. Continue reading “Important Factors Before Buying a House”