6 Tips For Travel photos or your Unique Picnic

When traveling or sightseeing is an exciting time to add to the coffers photo in our catalog while honing shooting skills. New atmosphere, new place, new people with a different routine than what we see everyday, landmark somewhere, all are images of objects of interest.

In order for our travel photographs look unique, follow the following tips:

1. Encourage yourself to talk to strangers
Dare to ask strangers portraits with interesting characters we instantly make photo unique. Not easy indeed if you are a shy type of person, it takes courage to change the basic nature, but if it could be the result definitely worth it. For portraits while traveling, ask permission politely, fathers who are working mothers food vendors at the market will usually be happy to pose for you. After that show the images on the camera’s LCD so they are happy. Continue reading “6 Tips For Travel photos or your Unique Picnic”

Filter Close Up For Macro Photo


the photo above was taken with a 85mm f/1.8 lens + 500D close up filter
After the previous article we discussed how to use extension tube for macro photos, this time we will discuss about the use of close-up filter.

What Is a Filter Close Up?
A close-up filter (close-up lens), is basically a high quality magnifier mounted on the front of the lens, as well as other filters like CPL filter. By installing a filter close up, we can reduce the minimum focusing distance of the lens that we use. That way we can take pictures from a distance super close to the object image.
Close-up filter strength is measured by a parameter called diopter. The greater the number diopter, the greater the effect increase. Most have a close-up filter diopter strength +1, +2, +3 and +4, although there is also a close-up filter with a +10 diopter strength. The greater the number diopter enables us perilously close to the object image, with consequent reduction in optical quality.
We also may collect two close-up filter to enhance magnification, for example, when we stack filters close +1 and +2, then we will get a total of +3 diopter, although quality may decrease. Continue reading “Filter Close Up For Macro Photo”

Restore Deleted Photos From Memory Card

There are several reasons images can be erased from the memory card:
Push accidentally delete button on the camera
The camera you play people who do not understand and suddenly lost picture
Card reader silly
Corrupted Memory Card
Static electricity, etc.

Fortunately, the photo has been deleted from the memory card sometimes we can return with the help of special software. In this article we will discuss the paid version and the free version.
Restore deleted photos is possible because when the delete button pushed, the camera does not actually delete the data image. The camera just remove the photo entry in the directory where the image is stored in the memory card, remove the alias address but did not delete the picture of the physical data as long as we do not format the memory card. Software to restore photos deleted it (recovery), it returns the directory as they did before deletion, so that images can be accessed again.
Recovery software for deleted computer files that actually works on the same principle: to restore the directory tree so that we access the file is missing. Unfortunately for computer recovery software can not be used to restore deleted photos from a memory card. Continue reading “Restore Deleted Photos From Memory Card”

Macro Lens Reverse Ring With Festive Offers

After the two previous article we discussed about using alternate lenses macro close up filters and extension tubes, this time we will discuss how to get a macro lens of your kit lens using a reverse ring.

It seems strange, but when we put a 50mm prime lens or a standard zoom lens kit (18-55mm or 17-50mm) in reverse disebuah camera (the lens attached to the front end of the camera body) to use additional tools called reverse ring, we’ll get a macro lens high quality at affordable prices. We could use other lenses, but the 50mm prime lens and a standard zoom lens kit seems to be a popular choice because it is relatively cheap.
Lens with a focal length longer than 50mm magnification effect (magnification) is too little, while the wide lens magnification effect is too much.
Since most of the DSLR camera owners already have a kit zoom lens or a 50mm prime lens, the macro lens method with a reverse ring has become a very attractive option. Simply by buying a small ring at very cheap prices, Macro Lens Reverse Ring With Festive Offers

After the two previous article we discussed about using alternate lenses macro close up filters and extension tubes, this time we will discuss how to get a macro lens of your kit lens using a reverse ring. Continue reading “Macro Lens Reverse Ring With Festive Offers”

How to Setting Custom White Balance DSLR Camera

Sometimes when you are in a room that has a complex lighting or when you are outdoors, use auto white balance and setting the default white balance of the camera (Tungsten, fluorecent, Daylight, Cloudy, Flash and Shade) provides an inaccurate temperature light (to understand the concept white balance here). Well in this situation you can use a custom white balance (white balance presets in the camera manual Nikon), to ensure the accuracy of the white balance.

How do I make custom settings (presets) white balance correctly?, Follow these steps:
Prior to setting up, you need a white paper, a white shirt and a white wall, so look for the object. If the white stuff is not available, you can use the gray matter. Some camera bags have a part in the approaching gray gray card, and you can use it.
Place the paper or something white / gray so that by the light of the complex where you will be photographing. Position the front of the camera so that the paper fills the entire frame photos.
Set focus in manual focus position, then take a metering. Keep impartial exposure (not under but not over-exposure). Then photograph paper or object.
The next step, I get an example for the camera Canon 60D: Continue reading “How to Setting Custom White Balance DSLR Camera”

Giving Meaning Positive Current status “Single”

Many people who say if a single is the end of the world. Yet the status of their friends who have been paired, the more make them feel alienated with the status of “singles” is.

This is the single biggest mistake, because ultimately make the “waiting” has become a very heavy burden. In fact, if we are able to look in the mirror further period of solitude then this is the best time to be more productive. Here are some tips and tricks to enjoy our solitude:

Explores Potential

Loneliness us in the “singles” makes us have more time to get to know us as well as to be able to further develop talent and potential that we have. Fill in your activities with positive things and the courage to try new things, but still in the right corridor. This will help us to drive away the loneliness of the single that is usually perceived.
Continue reading “Giving Meaning Positive Current status “Single””

Five Best Colors for Beautiful Kids Room

In a child’s room arrangement, color selection is very important to help them feel comfortable and stimulate motor nerves. What’s more, children spend more time in his room, so the choice of color should be “friendly” with them.

From a wide selection of colors, five colors can be applied to the child’s room. The five colors are natural colors, green, blue, yellow, and pink.


Type of color is chosen to create the impression of a neutral, calm, also classical in a child’s bedroom. Natural colors to choose from such as beige, white, beige or salmon. The use of colors will produce a serenity room at once airy feeling. Moreover, natural colors can be applied either to the rooms of girls and boys.
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